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Once the identity system for Arrupe College was set, we had to create their marketing materials for recruiting efforts, incoming students, and outfit their new building as well. Under my direction, my design and photo student-workers at Loyola worked together to create the interior signage for phase one of the build-out. Written and designed by one of my students, “What will you achieve today?” has become the mantra of faculty, staff, and students alike these first few weeks of school.


All the photography, taken by our in-house staff, features potential and/or current Arrupe students.


Elements include Print (DM brochures, Posters, Recruitment materials), Digital (Website, Video, Banner ads, Social media, digital signage), Wearables, Interior signage.


Wall Graphic: 10' x 3'

Interior Display Case: 20' x 4'

YouTube Channel

Prayer Card


Orientation Brochure (Cover)

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