births a post-industrial, post-punk, mutant cyber-bitch-child of riot grrrl rage for the #resistance.

Move with us to a state of #resistance. makes experimental, poltical punk rock music with the defiant, kinetic, disruptive energy of Bikini Kill, 7 Year Bitch, The MC5, Huggy Bear, Dirt, Black Flag, L7, and Ministry.


The #Future is #female. The future is #colorful. The future is #queer. The future is #young. The future is #punk. Most importantly, the #FutureIsNow.


The current desire to normalize that which is not normal, decent, and intelligent will not stand.  Not on our watch:


Listen to our record, NOnow.

All proceeds benefit Project Fierce Chicago.

new record: NOnow

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new record:


listen to our debut record: NOruption.

We say no to those who spread xenophobia, homophobia, and Islamophobia.


We say no to those who systematically marginalize and disenfranchise any individual or community based on race, religion, ability, or gender.


We say no to leaders who attempt to defund programs that encourage, enrich, and preserve our understanding of diverse human experiences.


We say no to a government that interferes with scientific investigation and exploration.


We say no to any systematic attempt to limit the press and curtail the right to assemble in protest.

We say no to those who disseminate #AlternativeFacts.


We say no to sexual predation and legislation that strips women of bodily autonomy.


We say no to any attempts to normalize the unconstitutional increase of authoritarian state power.


We say no to a government that criminalizes, punishes, and shames poor people.


We say no to the increased militarization of a police state that is grounded in anti-blackness.

We say

Our #resistance draws from the kinetic energies of riot grrrl, punk, funk, R&B, industrial, and hip hop. We follow those who #resisted and #disrupted before us with their music like Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, MC5, Black Flag, The Clash, Patti Smith, The Plasmatics, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Sly and the Family Stone, Syl Johnson, The Staple Singers, Baby Huey, Public Enemy, Body Count, NWA, and Rage against the Machine. #SoundtrackToTheResistance is

Anna Raymo > Vox,
Christopher Martiniano > Guitar/Programming (Vortis),

Jane Danger > Guitar/Vox (The Cathy Santonies, Three Dollar Bill), Aubre O'Sullivan > Bass/Vox (String Figures).


Thank you for listening.



While we offer our music to you freely, please think about donating to these resources as they need your help now more than ever:


Internet Archive  |  Planned Parenthood  |  Southern Poverty Law Center  |  ACLU  |  SocialWorks  |  Common Ground Foundation

The current desire to normalize that which is not normal, decent, and intelligent will not stand. Not on our watch:

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